Technical Support and Security


Technical Support

Technical Support covers a wide range of categories. In the areas of Computer technical support, there are wide and varied. Our technicians at Unique Network Systems will provide help and solutions for issues your computer or system develops and will provide user-friendly training directly. We directly support by email, live support software or remotely, or by in-house.


As an IT service provider, we at Unique Network Systems will provide you with reliable security to protect your computer systems. Security systems are for the protection from theft, attack from malicious viruses or damage to your computer software, hardware or information which you have saved. It is important you understand, whatever you have on your computer is protected and you have a working knowledge of what not to do and what to do. Your IT service provider will ensure you understand the precautions to take; the thing is, you must know what to open as a consequence and what are not pertinent to open. Spam mail is one such mail you need to be careful to open. If you know of the information sent and from whom, then the decision is yours to open, if the mail is foreign to your system, deleting is the only option.

Many businesses welcome the services of Computer Security as this is well needed for protection of important files as well as company secrets. It is not farfetched for home computers to have security systems installed as well. Remember, your information no matter how simple or personal is yours, and you need it secured. Systems security covers not only computers but mobile phones, tablets, blue tooth devices as well as televisions.