Hardware Upgrade, Maintenance and Repair

Hardware Repair
Unique Network Systems offer services on hardware repairs. These entail repairs on desktop computers, laptops, computer clusters, and smart devices. Our technician will also work on keyboards, printers, scanners, networking hardware, routers, wireless networks as well as data storage devices.
Services for hardware repairs may be performed on the site based on our hourly rate, off-site services where we picup your equipment, we offer pick up and drop off services for our clients.
New Hardware Setup
New hardware setups are generally done in the event you have major issues with your system. It is always advised to backup your important work and information on an outside device as it will be easier to reload after setting up a new hardware. This is another service we at Unique Network Systems provide.
Parts Replacement
As any service providing equipment goes, there is generally a time for replacement of parts. Unique Network Systems provides the replacement part for just about every part of your device you will ever need. We replace motherboards, processors, keyboards and monitors, hard drives, CD and DVD systems, flash media reader, surge protectors, fans and power supplies. Parts to be replaced may concern saving valuable information on an outside source as it will be easier to retrieve after the system is back up and running; so, it is advised to ensure all valued information is saved periodically so as to not have issues with possibly losing them. During replacement of parts, your service technician of Unique Network Systems will advise doing upgrades, which will add longer life, greater compatibility experience, as well as a more wholesome and safer system.
Antivirus, Spyware and Malware Protection
It is always prudent to install a protection systems on your devices. Your computer, laptops, Smartphone, kindles as well as any device that will be used on the internet has the potential to be attacked by horrible people. Installing protection will protect your many devices from such entity attacks. The system will protect you from:
• Being infected by sites infected by virus or any other infection
• Protects your system from being altered in any way by malicious systems
• Scans and shut down any potential threats that may be a danger to your devices
• Detects and cleans any infections which may have snuck and got undetected.
Unique Network Systems will provide you with the best available system on the market so you are secure in your many uses of the Internet daily.
Onsite visits
Onsite visits to any client are on a need to basis. If the issue cannot be solved by an remote access source or dealt with over the phone as a talk through; it may be prudent for an onsite visit. The client will have engaged our technician at Unique Network Systems as to the best time for such visits. Our aim is to work closely with our clients and ensure a cohesive relation is engendered. We do not venture into a client’s space without proper planning and schedules, as we try to work closely with our clients. Onsite visits are generally for maintenance or for issues which may occur that is not fixable over the phone or remotely.


All this is offered to our clients through our maintenance contracts conveniently design to client needs.